Welcome ! Tips and tricks for newbies !

Hier findet Ihr die Anleitung, Tipps & Tricks und wichtige Links rund um das Spiel.

Welcome ! Tips and tricks for newbies !

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Welcome to the home of the PFYC eagles.

Currently we are in need of any player that wants to score for our Eintracht.

Here is the place where you can meet other players and learn about the game and its players.

Be a part of it and help to bring glory to Eintracht Frankfurt !

PlayForYourClub is an online flash game. The target is to score as much goals as possible for your team out of 15 balls.
Every game above 15.000 points (10.000 in eurocup) will be added to each teams total value
Starting at 40.000 points (30.0000 in eurocup) you gain an additional penalty where you can bet some points.
If you are successful points are added to your score. If you fail, those points are subtracted.

It is recommended to play with your mouse not with the keyboard. The keyboard is quite clumsy and in eurocup it is only possible to play with mouse.

Important: If you have come here with a direct link, please note the following link to our main page: http://www.pfyc-adler.de/content


German League is open:
Monday 11.00h - Wednesday 21.00h (german time).

Don´t be irritated from the server time. This is british time and it´s one hour earlier.

Our primary goal should be at least place 6. This way we are qualified for the eurocup.
We should reach a total score of 200 million points to be safe.


The first round of Eurocup lasts 24 hours and is being played

Thursday 11h - Friday 11h (german time)

Following rounds are 2 hours each:

2nd round 11.05h - 13.00h (german time)

3rd round 13.05h - 15.00h (german time)

Quarters 15.05h - 17.00h (german time)

Semi 17.05h - 19.00h (german time)

Final 19.05h - 21.00h (german time)

(Please bear in mind that the server shows british time instead!)

Especially in the eurocup we need every player !

Every single point can decide wether we reach the next round or a doomed to watch.

Short instruction:

- open following page: http://classic.playforyourclub.com/play12.php (league)
or http://classic.playforyourclub.com/play21.php (eurocup)
- Select SGE Frankfurt
- Score as much goals as possible
- Type in Code, don´t forget to shout and submit
- "Play again"

Hints :

- Try to hit the ball volley as this doubles your points

- After each shot return to the middle of the screen to be prepared for the next ball

- If the ball is coming from the left try to shoot when the ball is about the height of the right knee.

- If the ball is coming from the right (only in ec) you have to shoot a bit earlier.

- Penalties (starting from 40000 points):

- Try to push the button when the bar is at "o" from "Direction".
- The length of the click determines the height of your shot. You have to experiment with that.
I expect it is maybe 0.3 to 0.4 seconds.


- Game:
(main page)

- German league
Monday 11h to Wednesday 21h

- Eurocup
Thursday 11h to friday 21h
First 6 teams of german league are qualified

Statistic tools:

- http://www.siteupload.de/p986311-beobac ... tszip.html
- wonderful software: All players, table, all shouts will be displayed. A must for every gamer

- http://www.pfyc-adler.de/pfycstats09/statistiken.html
- 2009 statistics

- http://www.pfyc-adler.de/pfycstats/sge/sgestats.html
- Eintracht statistics

- http://isdownload.de/fdc/pfyc/
- some more statistics

- http://www.playforyourclub.frac.dk
- some more statistics

message boards

http://www.pfyc.de.vu/ (german Pfyc message board with AHA Cup. Many international PFYC players are there, too)
http://ahacup.pytalhost.net/ (Statistics and AHA-CUP )

Don´t be sad if you are not starting as a top scorer. It takes a while. When you practise you will see a slow but steady progress.
When you become a regular player you will be automatically included in the statistics and you can monitor your weekly progresses.

Some hints about fair play !

Please consider a certain netiquette while shouting. No foul comments towards other teams please.

And only play for Eintracht Frankfurt. Don´t enter any other matches.

In short: FAIR PLAY

I hope this helps you understand the game and it´s players.

And now lets go Eintracht Frankfurt !
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